Saturday, August 30, 2014

thomas and Lamoille


 Time to leave, and I hate to . This is a great place and I could hang . With some guidance I was pointed to yet another dirt road over Harrison Pass . Smack - dab - in -  the -  middle of the Rubys ! This would take me out to a real road that could get me to Lamoille . I just can't express the remote beauty these Basin mountain ranges are holding . I waved to the one pickup I saw coming the other way and stopped at a ranch turnoff near the summit . Sure enough a few minutes later the rancher driving the pickup drove up to say hello . Larry . We yakked for at least a half hour . He was out looking for a doggies that had lost their way . 3rd generation cattleman and had grandsons following in the boot steps . We talked about travel , and cheap trailers and where to stay for free . Then moved on to Florida talk because he had a buddy who had moved there to ranch . And then of course the weather . An education for me and a terrific guy to boot.

The only way I can describe Lamoille … it is a smaller , Nevada spin on Yosemite. When you enter,  it is between sheer mountain flanks . And then it just opens up .. (12 miles in length) a long crescent . Lamoille creek remains mostly hidden in a tangle of Aspen and the canyon sides rise straight up to crazy heights , blocking out the rest of the world . The waterfalls must be incredible when the snow melts . Being late summer,  after a dry snow year ,there were only a few . The camp host said they really thunder in May and June as the ice comes crashing down the sides of these cliffs .


Trail in the canyon ( walk - run was best i could do )

here you can sort of get a feel for the glacier shaped canyon


beaver dam .... from below

.... from above

not sure what they are but I loved them

Didn't do this canyon justice with the pics . It is big . And its totally Nevada

nevada so far

 as in so far away and what its like so far

blah blah blah blog
Please excuse me for going on … and for too many pictures ! I wish I knew how to get up on the Soapbox , say something quick and poignant … and get off . But these places are so beautiful , so real, and so Not like "what is trending" .

And I would also like to say mucho gracias to my friends Don & Dean for helping me configure this little solar powered rig . The sun is shining guys and I ain't using my generator !!!

Nevada is the most mountainous state in the country, with over 300 individual mountain ranges and 42 named summits over 11,000 feet! News to me … and I lived next door for a total of 22 years . I always thought it to be mostly desert . My destination in the Silver State was to be Great Basin National Park , but I wanted to take the time to explore a few canyons from an old book I found at a K.W. library sale " Americas Majestic Canyons" .  The first was Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains south of Elko .

In trying to find a near--by campground I stumbled on another place on the east side of the Rubys' ( Lamoille Canyon is on the west )  . Ruby Lake National Recreation Area . Wow ! Though they use the term loosely here in Nevada ( its actually a marsh …. but if you know about Nevada ….)  it is magnificent .

It is an amazing contrast of water , dry basin , alpine type peaks and changing colors . Every night I hear the coyotes yakking . Tonite they started before sunset from down in the dry meadow between the lakes, and then ran their pack up, and thru the marsh …. announcing themselves every few hours . I love it

crazy colors for a marsh

later ... grey....

....reflections with an incoming front

Add caption

long story here

the view from camp

the road in


I took a long drive, further down the gravel road,  and then a dirt road, to explore where the Pony Express crossed .  A fascinating story the Express . You really get a feel for the west by communing with the various "trails" that crossed the country before the railroads . The Oregon , California and Pony Express all went through this area. Had to run on the trail ( flat and loose )

The next day was a paddle / hike day . Paddle the maze that is Ruby Lake and then run ( okay jog / walk )  up to an old silver mine partway up the mountain . I was not expecting the water clarity I got when I shoved off . It made for a great paddle and thanks to series of very high markers in the maze , I didn't get lost .
this shoulda been up there ... sunset the b4

view of the hike ... from the paddle
 The hike was to an old silver mine up the .... hill ??? .... mountain !

the silver mine is up there somewhere ... the water was crystal clear

view of paddle ... from the top of the mine

strange looking .... I couldn't figure it out

another view of Ruby's lake

the mine is up there somewhere

bee buzzing in to flower

bee buzzin off !!!

target practice

Monday, August 25, 2014

when dinosaurs ruled the earth

ops ... this shoulda been first

A Landscape of Extinct Ecosystems

saturday Aug 23

Dinosaur National Monument . What a marvelous spot . Spilling out of the High Unitas Wilderness of Flaming Gorge & Ashley National Forest …… you free fall down onto the Colordo Plateau and into Vernal Utah. It feels like free fall …. 12 switchbacks coming down , pulling a trailer …. it gets exciting. The Unitas are assembled with an army of peaks over 12 and 13 thousand feet . The pass out of Flaming Gorge is about 9 …. I know I will hit higher , but it was my first pulling a trailer.
Hanging a turn to the east out of Vernal for Dinosaur , you quickly arrive at this remarkable "park" . It has gone from an 80 acre attempt to protect the most concentrated example of Dino geology to a 200,000 + acre extension to protect the totally unique geology of this confluence of two great rivers ( the Green and the Yampa )

enter here

Powell was a runner ?

Green River ... from camp

rafting ... river was definitely up

ancient alluvial grafiti bird

sunset from camp

Not just Dinosaurs blew out here . This portion of the Colorado Plateau had an Anasazi era Indian Culture known as the Fremont ( not sure what the name means or where it came from ) But one thing foe sure, they had the same habit of drawing space aliens in their caves !

zoom in

more from Dinosaur N.M.

did a quick trail run walk at the visitor center .... here are some more pics

it didnt fall while I was there

mountain looks like stegosaurus

? .... beats me

  1. more aliens 

The Quarry's Visitor Center is cleverly built around an actual mountain side they excavated ... it is filled with a who's who of Jurassic Era fossils

Its big .... and you can touch !