Friday, October 17, 2014

this one is for Tracy ..... the VLA

aka Dish Network

Tracy gave me this quirky ( surprised ? ) little book b4 I left on this venture titled 50 unique things to see in Florida ( or something like that ) . Like the worlds largest pile of phosphates ... or the Rodin Museum . ...which might help explain why while on a journey to National Park and Monument Paradise,  I thought of her when I drove out to the VLA . Its really cool . Large too.

Short story

History of the VLA:

1972 August: approved by Congress
1973 April: construction started
1975 September 22: first antenna put in place
1976 February 18: first fringes
1980: formal dedication of the VLA
The total cost was $78,578,000 (in 1972 dollars), roughly $1 per taxpayer at the time; the project was completed nearly one year early, and within the allotted budget.
It operates on a shoestring budget , which congress just slashed ( they wont even allow for enough money to put up solar ) even though it generates revenue from scientists world-wide who line up for time. But I am going to resist going after the low hanging fruit .... saving that for a special post .

...and the worlds coolest sundial

lunch time !

seemed like a good idea at the time

repair shop ... those are people in lower right corner ... each dish weighs 230 tons


winner of best sign award

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